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No Sugar, Sweet Success

June 25, 2020

“A lot of entrepreneurs want to get into stores way too fast – before they have the consumer following… as quickly as they got on the shelves, they’re going to be off.” 

Jane Miller, CEO, Lily’s Sweets

Consumer products companies are tough!  For every home-started product like Bobo’s (PROCO360 episode) and Justin’s, there are tens, hundreds (thousands?) who fail.  Lily’s is different.  While its founder, Cynthia Tice, set out to create a product for herself (as most founders do), she set out to create a business at scale when she created a no-sugar-added product.  With only three employees, including herself, Cynthia brought on Jane Miller, my featured guest.  Jane is an experienced entrepreneur (including CEO of Rudi’s Bakery) with lots to share during our interview. 

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