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I Drink Water That Makes Me Sick

I Drink Water That Makes Me Sick

November 10, 2022

“I have friends at large companies trying to solve this problem sending me 200-page engineering drawings… We have an idea and we build it.”

Jack Barker, Founder and President, Innovative Water Technologies

I first heard of Innovative Water Technologies’ SunSpring water purification product when it was up for the People’s Choice for the Colorado Chamber of Commerce’s Coolest Thing Made in Colorado awards.  It’s hard to imagine a more impactful product. With low price and extraordinary reliability, SunSpring is providing remote villages, disaster areas and the military with trustworthy drinking water.  All made in Rocky Ford, Colorado.  The origin story is fantastic, as is the mouth dropping sound byte I caught when I thought we were done.

Reporter’s Take on Colorado Tech & Innovation

Reporter’s Take on Colorado Tech & Innovation

October 27, 2022

“A few food-tech startups reached out about their companies… when I started digging into it I was like, this is a STORY.”

Nikki Wentling, Technology and Innovation Reporter, Denver Business Journal

Despite having so many amazing tech sector CEOs on ProCO360, it’s really hard to stay caught up with Colorado’s tech sector.  One of my favorite tools is the Technology page of the Denver Business Journal so I decided to get to know Nikki Wentling, the Technology and Innovation beat reporter of the DBJ.  It was enlightening to learn about how she finds stories and keeps up with the sector - and what she sees for emerging growth in Colorado.

An Employment Platform for the World

An Employment Platform for the World

October 13, 2022

“The world needed and needs a platform to employ people literally anywhere.”

Ben Wright, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Velocity Global

CEO Ben Wright of Velocity Global and I explored the future of remote/distributed work in our conversation that ran longer than most.  I poked and prodded around what I identified as the “four skepticisms of remote work:” successful collaboration of teams, impact on culture, integration of new employees, and a trusting an employer would receive a fair day’s work.  We also discussed managing the tremendous growth that made Velocity Global one of Colorado’s Colorado unicorn tech companies.


Inside the Flaps of Yurts, Tipis and Tents

Inside the Flaps of Yurts, Tipis and Tents

September 29, 2022

“Seeing the amazement on customers’ faces, knowing that they will look through the dome and see the stars… gives me goosebumps.”

John Gibson, Owner & CEO, Secret Creek

I’ve always been drawn to yurts, tipis and tents – there’s something both novel and romantic about the structures, particularly today’s upscale versions, so I was eager to speak with John Gibson of Secret Creek.  I learned something unexpected and fascinating during this episode – why a former business executive would, rather than start a new company, choose to purchase a “legacy” business, and how he went about it.

”Pay as You Mow” Robot

”Pay as You Mow” Robot

September 15, 2022

“We strapped some cameras and sensors onto my old Cub Cadet riding mower and drove around.”  

Jack Morrison, CEO, Scythe 

I love a great niche (I’ve started about 50 posts with that phrase).  Even more, I love a business in a great niche that solves a big and PAINFUL problem that needs almost no explanation before a customer interrupts and says, “I WANT THAT!”  Scythe solves a huge pain point in an amazing way that aligns its customers’ goals with Scythe’s goals.  They have 7000 units on backorder – listen to learn. 

Creating Global Web Opportunities

Creating Global Web Opportunities

September 1, 2022

“We enable human beings to reach their potential all around the planet.”  

Yancey Spruill, CEO, DigitalOcean 

I’ve known Yancey Spruill when he was a leader at DigitalGlobe, at SendGrid where he was CFO/COO and helped take the company public, and now as CEO of DigitalOcean – a public company with revenue that will likely exceed half a $ billion in 2022. During our catching up conversation, we discussed Yancey’s passion for DigitalOcean’s platform which helps launch aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. He also is passionate about creating and maintaining a remote-first culture for DigitalOcean’s 900 team members.  


Remote or Office?  Wrong Question!

Remote or Office? Wrong Question!

August 11, 2022

“Workers are drawn to, and most productive in, workspaces with which they identify.”

Josh Freed, Founder and CEO, Proximity

 When Josh Freed and I first did an Episode of ProCO360 in 2019, Covid was not yet a thing and coworking was just expanding from new and novel to an established niche option for conducting business. Ha, all that seems so long ago!  I wanted to reunite with Josh to see how Proximity has been riding the wave of co-working and get his insights about where co-working, and remote work in general, are heading.  One point, that workers now are drawn to, and most productive in, workspaces with which they “identify,” really created a light bulb moment.




One Podcaster to Another

One Podcaster to Another

July 28, 2022

“Business and life are about happiness – and a lot of both are about suffering and getting through the hard times.”

Matt Brown, Author, Entrepreneur and Podcast host


Matt is a super accomplished entrepreneur, author, and podcaster who is in the process of moving from Africa to Colorado, making ProCO360 is an early connection for him here.  He’s a high energy guy who’ll find a welcoming home in Colorado, and likely will become a personality in the entrepreneurial community.  This is a great, early opportunity for you to get to know him!

Behind the Curtains of Survival

Behind the Curtains of Survival

July 14, 2022

“We are so fortunate – we have more subscribers than any other theater in the country.”  

Janice Sinden, President & CEO, Denver Center for Performing Arts 

The last time I spoke with Janice Sinden was pre-Covid, and I was fascinated to learn how DCPA had survived being shut down and losing $100 million during the pandemic. That was a great conversation! We also talked about lots of aspects of the DCPA that I’d always wondered about including, “How much of the budget is covered by the big Broadway shows?” 

Earbuds Innovator Takes On Global Brands

Earbuds Innovator Takes On Global Brands

June 30, 2022

“When you’re inventing something, there’s no end in sight until you get there.”

Shea Gerhardt, Founder & CEO, Buderflys

My friend and past guest on ProCO360 Colin McIntosh (Sheets & Giggles – No Bluetooth.  Just Fabric and Elastic.) posted something about Buderflys that caught my attention. I did some research and found that this is a great story about one person so bothered by a problem that she created a product to fix it.  It reminds me of my interview years ago with David Barnett of Popsockets (Philosophy Professor to Entrepreneur Selling Millions w/Help of Teenage YouTube Stars). I am amazed that Shea was able to patent such an idea which will now stymie the likes of Apple, Bose and Sony.  Can a better earbud be one of those product innovations that will transform an industry?  I ended the interview thinking that just might be the case – and I think you’ll be wondering the same thing, ending the episode with the desire to watch Colorado-based Buderflys and see just what it accomplishes.

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