Two companies: Saving Lives Through Invention, Saving the Planet with Great Coffee

January 10, 2019

I'm kicking-off 2019 by interviewing two Colorado entrepreneurs who are not YET on the cover of Colorado business publications, and whom I predict will by by the end of the year!  Dr. Arthur Kanowitz, Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Medical Officer of Securisyn Medical, and Kyle Kociemba Benson are at opposite ends of the speed-to-market continuum so their interviews make for a great contrast.


ER Dr. Kanowitz founded his company to address his frustration with the frequency and extreme complications caused by “unplanned extubation” – when a patient’s breathing tube comes out when it’s not supposed to. Starting as a one-man crusade, this is a story you’ll appreciate.

Kyle Benson, co-founded Bivouac Coffee with his wife, Rachel to create great tasting coffee that's environmentally friendly. Bivouac won the 2018 "Trout Tank" competition, and has recently been approached by some national retail brands about collaborating.

Both guests are poised to cross the chasm from startup to “ON THEIR WAY!”


Best of 2018 – Highlights of award-winning podcast episodes

December 20, 2018

Let’s celebrate a great year with excerpts from 17 interviews in one podcast!


“How do you get all those great guests?”

 That's a question I recently was flattered to be asked. I am fortunate that Colorado has amazing and generous entrepreneurs.  I think you’ll enjoy this fast-paced highlights reel from 2018.  I’d selected excerpts from 1-3 minutes long from 17 interviews.  Thanks to my engineer and editor, Mike Sandoval at Third & James studios for putting it all together.



5 Most Thought Provoking Blogs Read to You

December 6, 2018

I decided depart from the pattern of 30 minute interviews and instead share 5 blog posts that I really enjoyed writing, thinking about, then re-writing.  And for those too busy to find and read them on the website, I’ve read and recorded them – please let me know what you think!  For all my posts, go to




Noodles & Company’s remarkable return from al dente

November 20, 2018

“Colorado is just a fabulous environment for entrepreneurs in general, and for the restaurant space in particular.”

Dave Boennighausen, CEO, Noodles & Company

I had no idea of how much fun I’d have interviewing Dave Boennighausen, CEO of Noodles & Company.  This is an iconic Colorado-based fast-casual concept that was suffering a downward trend when Dave took over.  In this interview, Dave shares what they’ve done to turn things around, and it left me with a ton of optimism for the brand!  Valuable business takeaways delivered with upbeat candor.


Women’s Bean Project sells products that change lives.

November 8, 2018

“Despite what I originally thought, the Bean Project is not a particularly good business model. There is constant tension between the business and the mission.”

Tamra Ryan, CEO, Women’s Bean Project – quote from her book, The Third Law

I’m a huge admirer of the Women’s Bean Project – a non-profit with the mission to change women’s lives by providing stepping stones to self-sufficiency through social enterprise.  Tamra Ryan, CEO, is nationally recognized, an author, and a speaker – her interview will inspire you.



Elements Massage CEO Talks Positioning

October 24, 2018

Elements Massage CEO explains a business that I’ve always been curious about – I think you’ll find it fascinating too.

“We spend most of our time end energy focused on us – I don’t spend much time worried about what the competition is doing.” Jeremy Morgan, CEO, Elements Massage

I’ve always wondered about how the massage business works, and as you’ll hear in this interview, I just couldn’t fathom how with such a proliferation of massage studios, therapists and studios can still earn a living.  Jeremy Morgan helped me see that the business isn’t what I thought.


Grower’s Organic Customers, CEO Thrive Together

October 10, 2018

Grower’s Organic Customers Refuse to Let the Business Fail – Supporting the CEO, they bring the business back from bankruptcy.


“Five farms from all over the country reached out and said we cannot let you fail.”

Brian Freeman, CEO and Founder, Grower’s Organic

We all know that the organic produce industry is huge, and getting bigger.  Brian Freeman is a pioneer who built Grower’s Organic too fast – he “got too far over his skis” and went bankrupt.  With the commitment of supporters and customers, Grower’s Organic has come back and is thriving in a tough market space.  Those curious about the industry will love this interview!


Punch Bowl Social CEO Takes a Punch!

September 27, 2018

“I will not create a business enterprise and a professional legacy for myself at the cost of the legacy I build inside the walls of my house.”

Robert Thompson, CEO, Punch Bowl Social

Punch Bowl Social is a restaurant concept phenomenon.  Robert Thompson, its founder and CEO, is one of those successful entrepreneurs who looks like he’s got it made – but what a story.  Robert left home at 16 to fend for himself and had a roller coaster of successes and failures before forming Punch Bowl Social.  We talk about his story, what makes some restaurant concepts work when others fail, and what sustains a concept compared to those with short lives.  Then we switch gears to talk about capitalism, family and teaching the most important lessons to our sons. 


Candid Conversation with Colorado Frac CEO

September 12, 2018

Liberty Oilfield Services CEO on industry PR, disclosure, culture and affinity for the outdoors.


“To build a great business you’ve got to be in a dynamic community where young people want to move and start their lives… Denver checks those boxes.”

Chris Wright, CEO, Liberty Oilfield Services

Love the oil and gas industry or hate it, you’ll love this interview with Chris Wright, CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services.  Liberty is a Colorado public company that does fracking for energy producers. Chris is its candid and outspoken CEO who leads based on a passionate philosophy about people, truth and values.  He is fascinating – so love the energy industry or not, Chris is someone you’ll admire – and someone whom you’ll want to emulate when it comes to passionate leadership.


Global War for Talent Being Won from Colorado

August 29, 2018

Graebel Companies CEO Helps Clients Win Global War for Talent from Colorado.

“There are people on this planet who are wired as extraordinary caregivers… we have to identify them, and we can train them to do the very specific things customers expect of us.”  Bill Graebel, Owner & CEO

This is an interview with a Colorado leader who exemplifies building a culture based on his core values: “Truth, Love, and Integrity.”  Graebel is a business built on what Bill Graebel calls, “duty of care.”  Most business leaders WANT to build and lead a culture they find truly gratifying… yet haven’t really committed to doing so.  Bill Graebel will inspire you to believe you can do it, and give you ideas to help.