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Gargoyles, angels and patience create award-winning whiskey

July 25, 2019

Passionate entrepreneurs are inspiring.

They are even more inspiring when they share their #1 barrel of whiskey, aged 8 years – and they do it during the interview in front of a live audience.

“It’s important to me to be connected to every barrel – and more to be connected to everybody who works here.”

Al Laws, Laws Whiskey House

Al Laws ended a successful career on Wall Street to move to Colorado and start Laws Whiskey House – imagine, studying and learning all you can, investing millions of dollars, and then waiting YEARS as it ages to find out if you could achieve all you’d dreamed you could.  Hear why Al has a tatoo of a gargoyle sitting over a whiskey barrel.  This was a LIVE audience podcast held in the private barrel room of Laws Whiskey for subscribers of the PROCO360 newsletter. 

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