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Colorado‘s Most Prolific Innovator

October 21, 2021

“That’s where my passion comes from... I love getting that response of WOW!” 

Rick Case, Founder & CEO, Nite Ize 

Rick Case started Nite Ize with a single invention – an elastic band that would hold a small flashlight at the side of one’s head to enable hands-free lighting.  Now, that seems obvious.  Back in 1989 it was a new idea – and since then Colorado-based Nite Ize has created over 600 products based on solving problems that make customers say, “WOW!”  How do you improve a bungee cord or a key holder?... or better tie loose cables or play with a flying disc at night?  Rick and I talk about how Nite Ize has become a world leader in creating innovative products.  Very cool.

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