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Colorado Craft Cider a Smash

September 23, 2021

“We scream from the mountaintops about what our product is and how we make our product.”

Eric Foster, Co-founder, CEO, & “Lifter of Heavy Things,” Stem Ciders

If you’ve shopped for craft beer in the last year, you’ve seen alongside beer on the shelves, the fast and furious increase in cider products – the brands, the flavors, the total shelf space – and you’ve probably seen the presence of cider tap rooms.  I’m a lover of craft beer, and fascinated by the growth of what it seems is a product on a “parallel” growth track.  I wanted to know what’s similar and what’s different.  Plus, wanted to understand Eric’s title, “Co-founder, CEO & Lifter of Heavy Things.”  Thanks to sponsor 1stBank for introducing me to Stem Ciders. 

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