Opioids and Business - Serving Customers Before Profits

May 24, 2018

If the BUSINESS does well, we can treat more clients.

Cortland Mathers-Suter, Founder and COOI took a different approach to this interview which really is as much about a societal problem as it is about business.  I entered this interview just plain curious – curious about the “OPOID CRISIS” and why it is so different from other drug abuse scenarios of the past, and frankly, what someone like me, a business executive from the suburbs, needs to better appreciate.  Cortland’s first-hand experiences give an insider’s look at opioid abuse in Colorado.  Plus, because the show is a business show, we talked about the BUSINESS of treatment, even the SALES of treatment (at my insistence).


Fresca Foods - the Epicenter of the Natural Foods World!

May 10, 2018

"…Religious studies and philosophy is a battle between logic and faith – and isn’t that what any good entrepreneur needs?”  

Todd Dutkin, CEO


A great conversation with Todd Dutkin, CEO of Fresca Foods, a Boulder company that has transformed from a small foodservice manufacturer into a paradigm-shifting natural foods company, operating its own natural food brands and serving as supply chain and innovation partner to category leaders.  Todd is leading Fresca Foods to 40% year over year growth, and you’ll want to listen to Todd’s take on his business and Colorado’s emerging role as the EPICENTER of the natural foods industry. 


ProCO360 - GoSpotCheck CEO Matt Talbot

April 26, 2018

"…founders have to sit down across the table, look them in the eye and say hell or high water, I'm gonna make this work!”  

Matt Talbot, CEO

Some amazing insights from Matt in this DON'T MISS interview with one of Colorado’s most successful entrepreneurs:

  1. Willingness to pivot “from suck to success.”
  2. The best feedback feels like a punch to the stomach.
  3. The paradox of attracting venture capital.
  4. Strategies and tactics for getting marquee clients.

ProCO360 - Jake Jabs: Legendary Lessons from the Furniture Business

April 11, 2018

"The secret to advertising is that you have to be 100% truthful.”

Jake Jabs, American Furniture Warehouse

Jake is an entrepreneurial legend in Colorado.  Jake’s story is of a self-made entrepreneur.  Starting with a heifer cow given to him by his father, Jake built a furniture retail empire.  He’s known for his home-made TV commercials, expansive stores, and for his generous philanthropy. In this interview, which I feel so privileged to have had, Jake weaves stories and lessons into how he started and built American Furniture Warehouse.  You’ll love it.


ProCO360 - Eldorado Climbing Walls - Sales Guy to Owner

March 28, 2018

“It used to be just a bunch of dirtbag climbing bums starting companies and trying to make a living.”  


Kevin Volz, Eldorado Climbing Walls


Volz Tabor Eldologo

This episode demonstrates how an ambitious sales guy can become the owner of a business he’s passionate about by being committed, successful, and visionary… and by nurturing a constructive personal relationship with owners who want what’s best for all.  It’s also about the fast-growing business of indoor climbing!


ProCO360 – Havenly Designs Its Own Space – Live | Work | Love Colorado

March 16, 2018

Havenly Designs Its Own Space in Online Interior Design



“There’s such an alignment between doing the right thing for your customer and growing the business, and that feels really good to me.”  

Lee Mayer, Havenly


There was no shortage of energy in the studio when Lee Mayer joined me.  I had trouble choosing a quote to feature above.  Other options include:

To team members, “I almost always have opinions.  How closely I hold them is up to you.”

Or on leadership, “…I’m constantly trying to make shapes out of darkness.”

Listen to my interview with Lee in which we discuss startup entrepreneurship, women as entrepreneurs, and Colorado as a home for entrepreneurism.


ProCO360 – Maria Empanada Explodes to Success - Live | Work | Love Colorado

March 1, 2018

“When I started the business I was washer, cook, manager… then… NO!  I need to grow with the business.”  

Lorena Cantarovici, Maria Empanada   

Lorena Cantarovici, like most food entrepreneurs, started baking her now famous empanadas at home.  But Lorena isn’t most food entrepreneurs – from the start, Lorena set out to create a successful business.  Lorena tells a true story about how “exploding empanadas” became a metaphor for sticking with it when things get tough, how she’s built the business to 3 stores and 14 outlets, and what Guy Fieri thought when he featured her on Drive-ins, Diners and Dives!  It’s a great story – and she’s an inspiring entrepreneur. 


ProCO360 – Jackson’s Honest – Home Kitchen to “Shark Tank,” Live | Work | Love Colorado

January 30, 2018

“The tension in that room was palpable…”  

Megan Reamer, describing their experience on “Shark Tank.”   

Megan and Scott Reamer developed their initial potato chip at home, trying to create a product that could be enjoyed by their son Jackson, who struggled with a very challenging illness.  This interview was a blast, because we talked about going from a product to a business, Megan and Scott’s experience on CNBC’s Shark Tank, and the explosive growth of their company.  Both are dynamic, fun and candid.   


Bobo’s Oat Bars: from “I needed a Job” to 1 million units per month

January 17, 2018

"I kind of had to reinvent myself.  I was newly single with two teenaged daughters.  I needed to get a job..."  “Salespeople are a great resource – they’ll tell you what you need…”

    Beryl Stafford, Founder, Bobo’s Oat Bars 

A humble leader can be challenging for a podcast host.

As I was interviewing Beryl Stafford, Founder of Bobo’s Oat Bars, I wanted to know how Beryl became one of the very few who “made it.”  Instead, Beryl talked about how she’s still making Bobo’s by hand – her kitchen is just bigger now.  “REALLY?” I thought.  At over 1 MILLION bars a month, 100 employees, and national distribution?  I kept digging, and we kept talking, peeling back the layers.  Listen to this podcast and you’ll hear a story of perseverance (mine as an interviewer, but more importantly, Beryl’s as an entrepreneur!), about cold calling retailers and “taking a lot of no’s” until Whole Foods agreed to give Bobo’s a try.


PIN Business Network - Data Drives Remarkable Sales

January 3, 2018

“If our partner doesn’t eat, we don’t eat… we see success through the client’s eyes." 

"I run from people who haven't failed.”

Joe Oltmann, CEO, PIN Business Network

Collecting and using data for business intelligence that yields sales – today’s “holy grail” of marketing.  Listen to my interview with Joe Oltmann for two reasons.  First, to hear examples of how companies are using data to reach customers likely to have strong interest, even INTENT, to purchase, and second, we explore why now when it is in vogue to lead with a company’s WHY message, PIN is successfully differentiating by leading with its HOW message.  PIN goes so far as to educate EVERYONE in the company in the technical aspects of what it does. Very thought-provoking, and something you’ll want to consider.