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Snooze Eatery – Building a concept that’s not a “chain.”

October 10, 2019

"Any time you put money first, you're probably going to make the wrong decision.  Any time you put people first, you'll make the right decision."

David Birzon, CEO, Snooze Eatery

I was super curious entering my interview with David Birzon of Snooze Eatery.  I wanted to know a couple of things in particular… First, how do you build a food concept without having it feel like a CHAIN?  Second, my fascination with how seemingly few breakfast restaurants can get eggs to the table HOT, while most can’t.  Both answers are about culture.  When David Birzon asked team members why they choose to work at Snooze, the answer is, “Because you believe what we believe.”  You'll enjoy my interview with David on building a business with people who can be their true selves.


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