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Growing into CEO, then Hired as CEO - Cherwell’s Sam Gilliland

May 23, 2019

Sam Gilliland on how he brought the “Traveling Gnome” to Travelocity, and on becoming CEO of Cherwell.

 “If you add value with a human touch, great, let’s keep that human touch. If you’re not adding value there, let’s automate it.”

Sam Gilliland, CEO, Cherwell

Cherwell, with 500 employees and based in Colorado Springs, provides IT Services Management to clients around the world.  I wanted to interview its new CEO, Sam Gilliland, to learn about “the man who brought us the Gnome” (Travelocity), and the difference between growing into a substantial CEO role, and stepping into the role of CEO another business, which he recently has done.  You’ll enjoy our conversation about balancing “human touch” vs. automated service.